This Random Quiz Will Reveal which your job after 5 / 8 years

What Your Future Job Will Be

  1. You got: Social Media Influencer

    You're a free spirit who likes to makeyour own rules. You're the perfect combination of real and aspirational. Peoplewill love you!

  2. You got: Barista

    You're personable and kind, which mustbe why people love to talk to you. Your chill, laid-back vibes puts everyone atease, but you're also an incredibly hard worker who takes pride in their craft!

  3. You got: Entrepreneur

    You're very creative and smart, oftenwowing people with your big ideas and never-ending drive. You'll do anything ittakes to turn your dreams into reality and believe in yourself beyond a shadowof a doubt. Remember us when you make it big!

  4. You got: Politician

    You like to take risks and are incredibly charismatic.You're strongly opinionated, which may come in handy one day.